Asian Dinner

Japanese gastronomy

The chef that will open the culinary scene of the Umami Festival ’17 is Chronis Damalas.

His cooking is based on the Japanese gastronomy carried out in the way which is exceptional both in Greece and abroad.

This multi-talented and charismatic chef will deliver the best of the Japanese fusion cuisine he represents.

Chronis Damalas gained his work experience at the world-class restaurants such as Nobu, Zuma, Kiku (NY / Dubai / Mykonos / Santorini / Athens) and at Izakaya.

You can meet Chronos Damalas at the top-ranked restaurants of the planet and now also at the Umami Festival.

It’s not a secret that Christos Damalas is one of the favourite chefs of the TU. For this reason, we want to share with our audience another culinary experience that will officially frame the opening of the festival.

Participation fee: 75/ per person (including all wines)

Reservations: Contact the person responsible for bookings at +30 697 244 2910

18/02 Saturday - 21:00

Fusion Japanese